četrtek, 15. november 2012

Black bag with ROSES

finally I have made something new...It's a black crossbody bag with beautiful roses...I've made this bag for my mom's birthday...
hope she will like it?! ;)

nedelja, 21. oktober 2012


I really need a new bag for autumn/winter season ... but I have no idea which one to order ... only thing that I know is, it has to be a fiorelli ... I absolutely love fiorelli bags <3

Am soooo confused?!


I'm soooo sorry for ˝not blogging˝ some weeks...but I had no time and I was't very creative
There were so many thins ...

                                                                                                                                                                                                             source: weheartit

But in the next few days...You can expect a little giveaway to celebrate my 50 followers. :) yeeey

četrtek, 27. september 2012

Lovely earrings

                                                My new handmade earrings ... moore colors are following :)

Shopping in Graz

                                                    Today I was in Graz and  bought some lovely things ...

                                                                                    ACCESSORIZE ring
                                                                                          H&M collar
                                                                             BRIJOU BRIGITTE collar
                                                                                           H&M scarf
                                                             THE BODY SHOP shampoo & conditioner
                                                                                          H&M earrings

                                                             And of course something sweet :)YUMMY!

četrtek, 20. september 2012

Nail Polish #10

                                                                                  Essence ~  boho chic
                                                                                           (3 coats)

The flower on my little finger is because I have a ugly scar :/

sreda, 19. september 2012

Things, I need today

I feel really bad and sick today ... It's  rainy and cold ... So am  d y i n g  f o r  ...

A cup of hot chocolate ...

A big fat cupcake ...

A warm blanket ...

Cuddling ...

My favorite Disney movie ...

 source :youtube,weheartit.com
And a really god sleep ... !

nedelja, 16. september 2012

New Earrings

                                       Today morning I've got an creative idea ... And I made this Eye candys ... :)

                                                       Exually I made some moore but they not ready yet :)

sobota, 15. september 2012

New In ~ H&M

                                              Ohhh ... I love the autumn collection by h&m ... I want everything !
                              But today I pick out just some of my favorites and they have to come with me :)

četrtek, 13. september 2012

Gold Glitter Flats

                                                          Today, I buy myself some new glitter flats ...

Aren't they pretty ? :)

torek, 11. september 2012

Nail Polish #9

                                                          S-he ~ 376 + Essence (Snow white) ~ evil queen